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By default, subscriptions and billing continue until cancellation. A subscription may cancel automatically after up to four unsuccessful attempts to bill the customer. You can also cancel subscriptions yourself. 


By default, the cancellation takes effect immediately. As soon as a customer’s subscription is canceled, no further invoices are generated for that subscription. You can configure the cancellation to prorate if the cancellation is part of the way through a paid billing period, and optionally invoice for any outstanding prorations and metered usage. Otherwise, all metered usage is discarded and the customer will not be credited for any potential prorations.

If you instead want to cancel the subscription at the end of the current billing period (i.e., for the duration of time the customer has already paid for), update the subscription with a cancel_at_period_end value of true: When a subscription has been scheduled for cancellation using cancel_at_period_end, it can be reactivated at any point up to the end of the period by updating cancel_at_period_end to false. Any metered usage is charged for in a final invoice when the subscription cancels at the end of the billing period.


You can cancel your subscription but we do not issue refunds!

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